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Foot care

Do your aging parents or elderly loved ones depend on you for foot care? We can help!

As a Gardens of Peterborough resident, specialized foot care services are available on-site by trained nurses for your convenience, for a reasonable extra charge.

When a problem such as pain, calluses, or fungus arises our foot care team will create a personalized management plan.

Foot care involves all aspects of preventative and corrective care of the foot and ankle.

  • Foot Care Assessment
  • Basic & Advanced Treatment Options
  • Foot Soak, Massage
  • Diabetic, Arthritic & Circulatory Disorders

AON’s Foot Care Service is an approved provider for Canada Veterans Affairs (CVA) and other insurers, and we complete all necessary forms and submit payments to CVA on behalf of our residents.

Convenient On-Site Foot Care Service from Qualified Registered Staff